The Company

Agrochemicals Mafa is a branch specialized on Phytosanitaries inside the MAFA Products brand. Our strategy is focused not only on increasing our market share, but in gaining the reliability of our customers, getting the most efficient products from our formulated agrochemicals, permanent research and, above all, give our customers the best service possible for any single problem they may have.

INSECTICIDAS MAFA SL., was founded on Spain in 1969, with a catalog of 24 products. In 1975, the company was a key player on the market with the launch of our COTOMAFA 3000, a revolutionary product at the time for dealing with cochineal plagues (cotonet, louse, serpeta and spider). In 1990, our product catalog had 70 products, covering from insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and 40 nutritional products. A few years later, we increased our product range by adding a garden line, which had 26 products.

Our company was pioneering on launching products with liquid organic matter.

Since 2000, our company started its international trade department, and from that moment we have exported and registered most of our products in Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia and Libya).