VEGETOIL – Much more than Sticker Wetting


Vegetoil has a powerful surfactant, humectant and penetrating effect that improve the effectiveness of the plant protection product treatments.

1º) It reduces the draining and it increases the wetting ability.
2º) It improves the covering and retention of the micro-drops on the surface of the plants.
3º) Thanks to the high adherence of Vegetoil, the cleaned effects caused by rainwater, dew and wind, are minimized.
4º) Thanks to the Micro-encapsulation produced by the plant protection product with which it is combined, assures a remarkable improvement in the yield.

Vegetoil is a new plant protection products made out a natural and biodegradable complex. It is developed to control the application of plant protection products in general. It appears in an emulsifiable concentrate container which is very handy for its use. Vegetoil forms a homogenous film that covers the plague (eggs and motile forms). It blocks the breathing and cause difficulties of breathing for the insect.

The specificity of Vegetoil performance action is characterized by:

● A blast effect on the plague.
● An ample phantom of action.
● An absence of resistance to the product.

The use of Vegetoil in the field responds to the exigencies of the producers:

● To reduce the number of applications thanks to the use of a multipurpose product.
● To preserve the surroundings and the auxiliary fauna to re-establish the natural balance in the field.
● To eliminate the problem derived from products that leave waster.