VEGETOIL is much more than Sticker Wetting. It’s a new plant protection product made from a natural and biodegradable complex. It is developed to control the application of plant protection products in general. It forms a homogenous film that covers the plague. It blocks the breathing and cause difficulties of breathing for the insect.

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CUPRONE is a composition based on an organic complex of copper and an excellent complexing agent such as gluconic acid derived from the enzymatic fermentation of glucose. Gluconic acid and its ionic form, such as gluconate, are widely used in pharmaceutical preparations because of their compatibility with biological fluids.

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CITROLIN is an ultra-low surface tension adjuvant made by the cold pressed orange oil (essential oil). Citrolin acts as a powerful surfactant utilizing its fat/wax-bonfing component, this surfactant helps to improve distribution and efficacy of insecticides, miticides, fungicides and nutrients on plants.

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